Pilates Per Month Class Duration
Pilates 1/week R 260 55 min
Pilates 2/week R 480 55 min
Pilates 3/week R 650 55 min
Beauty Salon
Price Duration
Environ Facials
Environ Express R 180 30 min
Environ Classic R 270 1hr
Environ Deep Cleanse R 220 1hr
Environ Back Cleanse R 230 1hr
Teenage Facial R 150 30min
RegimA Facials
Classic Facial R 300 1hr
20% RegimA Peel R 320 1hr
40% RegimA Peel R 420 1hr
70% RegimA Peel R 520 1hr
90% RegimA Peel R 620 1hr
Dynamix Hydrating Treament R 315 1hr
Body Peel R 485 1hr
Slimming Body Peel R 440 1hr
Hands and Feet
Express Manicure R 100 30 min
Classic Manicure R 150 45 min
French Manicure R 200 50 min
Express Pedicure R 120 30 min
Classic Pedicure R 170 45 min
French Pedicure R 220 1 hr
Full Leg R 130 45 min
3/4 Leg R 110 30 min
Half Leg R 100 30 min
Full Leg and Bikini R 190 1 hr
Full Arm R 95 30 min
Under Arm R 55 15 min
Bikini R 80 20 min
Brazilian R 130 45 min
Hollywood R 150 1 hr
Lip R 35 10 min
Eyebrows R 45 15 min
Chin R 35 10 min
Eyebrow Tint R 40 15 min
Eyelash Tint R 50 20 min
Back and Neck Massage R 200 30 min
Back and Neck Massage R 250 45 min
Full Body Massage R 350 1 hr
Full Body Massage R 400 90 min
Cellulite Massage R 200 30 min
Sunbed R 40 10 min
Instant Tan Full Body
with exfoliation R 300 1 hr

Swedish message

Using six different techniques, the Swedish message is the most basic message to relieve, sore muscles, tension and stress. The Home Wellness studio understands that stress is not good for anyone,especially because it starts to affect our organs. That is why we know the Swedish message can help reduce stress and improve your blood circulation.


Aromatherapy message is the oldest way of healing the body through, touch and plants. Essential oils are used, while getting the message. The oils affect your mood, thus relaxing you and rejuvenating your body. At The Home Wellness Studio, afetr our aromatherapy message, you are left feeling relaxed and new.

Hot stone therapy message

The hot stone therapy message is a message that involves heated lava stones, that are placed on the key points of the body. They create a sensation of warmth and comfort. The direct heat relaxes the muscles allowing a mush more intense message, than compared to a regular message.

Back, Neck and Shoulder message

The back, neck and shoulders are the areas of the body that normally get a lot of tension. This message focuses on those areas relieving them of tension. Different techniques are used to help with the stiffness and leaves the body lighter and free.

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