Shop 106, 27 Boxes,
75 4th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg

open between 9am and 5pm

  This vintage shop has been running for 27 years. The shop specialises in period clothing from the 1970s backwards. The shop not only has clothes but handbags, leather day bags, evening bags, shoes, gloves and of course jewelry.

  We carry dresses, blouses and suits from the 70s backwards. Our magnificent range of 1950s cotton dresses will dazzle you, and the astounding range of periods will no doubts satisfy your curiosity. The discerning man will find quality Tuxedos, Tails, scarves, bowties and cufflinks. The Quality of the fabrics cannot be imitated today; the silks, crepes and silk georgettes are timeless. The range includes the wacky 60s psychedelic items to the elegant tulle and silks.  

Our luxurious Furs will make you feel like a million dollars. From Russian Mink to Canadian squirrel, red, grey and white Foxes. The Furs are from the 1950s backwards. Mink collars are popular, as are wraps. At the end of the day a fur is unique.

The huge range from Victorian, Edwardian, 1920s, and up to the 1950s will delight you. Rings, bracelets, pendants, broaches, necklaces, pearls and earings of only the finest selection. This jewelry range is from silver and onyx, gold and garnets, rubies and peridots, amethysts, pink and blue sapphires, emeralds, spinells, moonstones and citrines- this range will inspire you.      

We also have a variety of clip-on earings.

    A handbag is passion. It lives with you, why not let your handbag reflect who you are. Reminiscene carries a huge range of handbags.    

If you are searching for a unique bag, then you must visit and no doubt you will find.

Hats are also a very necessary accessory, especially for that finishing touch of style.

Good Shoes can be hard to find, try us for that little something special.


About Rosemary,

Rosemary is originally from Cavan, Ireland. Serendipity brought her into the business, along with her passionate desire for the industry. She loves South Africa and the great diversity in it. Rosemary is very sensitive to the needs of her clients, which makes her unique in this field.

The Reminiscene shop is located at:
Shop 106, 27 Boxes,
75 4th Avenue, Melville,

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