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For websites in Johannesburg speak to us. No hassle, no complex technical mumbo jumbo- just reliable good service at a great price.

We maintain, update and design websites.

Great service is not just an idea to us, it is the norm. To prove it read some of the comments we got from clients:
This is an excellent job. Eckart

Wealth Motivators 10 August 2010
Very nice!!!! When will it launch? I love it….. Chantelle

Exquisite Ideas 23 August 2010:
thx any way... Brilliant service! Lydia

Exquisite Ideas 13 September 2010
WOW! Thank you, am very happy with it
Lydia 28 October 2010
I had 11 phonecalls today in my store from people on the website… Anthea 3 December 2010
Dear Peter Thank you so much for updating the site so promptly... really appreciate it. Kind regards Debby and Martine 14 December 2010
Wow!!! Peter the site looks awesome
Marc 14 December 2010
Thanx Peter for you swift work! Byron 15 December 2010
Very impressive indeed!! thank you so much for the excellent work in such a short period of time. Hassina 9 February 2011
Thanks a million for all the effort for this project!! You are a star!!! Thank you so much!! Regards Barbi 16 February 2011
Thanks SPEEDY! Zelda 17 February 2011
All lovely lovely lovely. You a great creative team Paula 18feb2011
You, Mr, are a LEGEND! Thank you!!! Paula 20feb2011
This looks great Peter, really appreciate it! Christina

Gardenex 22 February 2011
WOW! Thanks a Mil for the speedy work! Carla 18 April 2011
You are a star!!! Thank goodness you are on our team!!!! Claire 12 May 2011
As usual , you are so very efficient !!! Thanks so much. Best regards Barbi


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